Special offers

Potential buyers are reminded of the generous grants currently on offer from the State Government. Two key grants offer a significant helping hand for those looking to purchase their first home, or for seniors looking to settle down.

A First Homeowners Grant can be offered to the value of $15,000 to eligible persons for new homes such as those at Latitude at Aldinga Beach. For further details about this grant, or to find out whether you might be eligible, you can visit RevenueSA.

The Seniors Housing Grant is specifically designed to assist residents aged 60 or over who are building or purchasing a new home. The grant is in the form of a one off payment of $8,500, and is only granted if the property and new home are valued at $400,000 or less. There are a number of properties that form the Latitude community which would allow senior residents the opportunity to take advantage of this offer. The contract must be entered into before 30 June 2016 for this grant to be applicable.

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