Community features

Convenience and a sense of community are two factors that cost no more at Latitude. It is our goal to present buyers with an offer too good to refuse that combines stunning properties situated in the ideal location. Many everyday facilities are taken for granted until you find that you no longer have access to some basic daily tasks. This will never be a problem at Latitude, which is nestled within a thriving, functioning community setting.

Aldinga Central Shopping Centre is located just across the road from the site, giving residents easy access to those every day essentials including Coles and Foodland supermarkets as well as a variety of specialty shops. This area is a growing one, and it is hardly surprising that many businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and making plans to open in Aldinga Beach. Notably, an Anytime Fitness gym has recently opened with plans for a discount department store to open in the future.

For families looking into the future, Aldinga Beach offers it all. A number of both public and private schools are situated in close proximity. Furthermore, we are excited to announce that Latitude homes are NBN ready, a feature which will make internet use for study, work and leisure purposes fast and enjoyable.

Transport is a topic of great significance to buyers looking to invest in this area. Especially for those making the move from the city to Aldinga, it is always important to keep that link back to friends and services in the CBD. Part of the reason why Aldinga is experiencing a heightened property boost at this point in time is due to the recently improved transport systems. It has been a focus of the State Government to increase accessibility outside of the city to help support our growing population.

The Southern Expressway has very recently opened to two-way traffic, which makes the journey to Adelaide much more efficient and convenient. With open or closed times, it now only takes 40 minutes to reach the city from Aldinga Beach. This is a big bonus for those who commute daily for education, work and recreation. The airport is 40 minutes away. Also in transport, the Seaford electric rail extension was completed in early 2014 which further facilitates travel for the residents of Aldinga Beach.

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